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our locations

elf ear woods is wiggled in the wilderness on the boarders of the peak district

outdoorium is nestled in a cosy cafe in north london right by a bushy park




a short walk up peak pathways from iron aged archery base camp. 

our space is situated on an 11 acre wildlife reserve with wet woodlands, fields a pond and some woodland. we have cosy t-pees and a mud slide with a big polytunnel for some indoor fun come rain or shine. 


workshop cafe

crouch end, london

here is a peaceful place for adults to create. a cosy cafe with workshops focused on wellness and self-suffiency

a cuddly reading corner, a big communal crafts table and

seasonal food. 

a great space to be still and learn a skill as your young ones wiggle off into outdoorium.



priory park, london

nestled in a stone circle covered by a canopy of trees in priory park.

outdoorium as a outdoors after school club which begins by a communal seasonal snack in middle moments followed by nature led learning on a drop in or termly bases.

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