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Molly’s journey to starting OwnHome was as natural as the ingredients she uses in her products. She’s always had a love of nature and an appetite for learning about the limitless ways in which the flowers, plants and trees we too often take for granted can be used to soothe and heal us both mentally and physically. This passion led to her creating a whole range of body and home products using her now accomplished skills foraging in the woods and creating in the lab. As her skills improved, her interests widened, and Molly began devising kitchen products that offer a much-needed alternative to the toxic products we’re so conditioned to using. As well as the products you see, OwnHome can provide bespoke advice and create products specific to your needs. There is always space for customers who want to reach out.


OwnHome is proud of it's transparency.

 Simple and effective with products sourced from the wild.

Illustrated Rose Bud

The OwnHome Ethos 

Is rooted in being 





Flower Illustration Reverse
White Flowers



                               Thank you for 

                                            supporting us to 

                      continue strengthening our 




Our ingredients are sourced through three different methods. 


1. Grown in the OwnHome Kitchen Garden/foraged on site 

2. Collected as a waste-product from local cafe's and restaurants  

3. Bought from suppliers within 20 miles of the Kitchen Lab

OwnHome's packaging has three fundamental facts.

1.   Our boxes are re-purposed amazon packages

2. Our containers are milk cartons sourced from local cafe's and restaurants

3. Our labels are bio-degradable


Long Stem Flower Illustration
Flower Arrangement 2
Purple Flowers


If you are within 20 miles of the OwnHome Kitchen Lab, or London, we will hand deliver our packages to avoid using large couriers. We have tried to reduce our carbon-footprint at every step of our production line, and in doing so have teamed up with the Woodland Trust's Carbon Offsetting Scheme. Have a look at our blog to learn more :)

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