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Why the heck you should follow this blog

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

During lockdown Molly hosted a zoom call once a week called Sufficiency Sundays. She talked about a variety of new and niche ways to make your life more sustainable. From creating your own deodorant using ingredients you can find in your cupboards to making eco bricks (juice bottles stuffed to the brim with non-recyclable plastic that make building bricks).

Molly ended up getting a great viewing each week for her meetings and generated a dedicated following. We want this blog to carry on the legacy Molly created and bring the 'Sufficiency Sunday' to a different, more accessible platform.

We'll be posting tutorial videos for product making and inviting guest bloggers to the stage of all stages to reveal their secret strategies to living a sustainable, conscious, eco-friendly life...

(Sneak Peak)

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