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OwnHome's Carbon Neutrality

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

OwnHome is a partner in the fight against carbon in the UK; we are modelling our company to Carbon Negative from the get go, rather than having to back peddle like other larger retail brands. This is both in the production of our products and in our supply & distribution chains.

As we lead up to Christmas we are starting to get orders from people across England's green and pleasant land. Fortunately our Kitchen Lab is, as the crow flies, fairly central in the UK, UNfortunately, we still need to use courier services to distribute our products.

To offset our carbon production we are teaming up with The Woodland Trust to be apart of their tree planting scheme. Through donating just £100 to The Woodland Trust they are able to plant enough trees to capture and store up to 4 tonnes of carbon.

OwnHome will be tracking & tracing our carbon production in the lead up to December 25th to push our negative vibes toward Carbon and Force it out of our Planet.

##carbonNeutrality #wantedwaste #unwantedcarbon

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