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Introduction to OwnHome

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

In the battle against time in saving our climate OwnHome is taking various different routes in running a business to make us as environmentally sustainable as possible. Come back and read our blog to see our strifes in fighting climate change.

OwnHome works towards transparency.

From produce, practise and products.

Our Founder Molly has requested information from external suppliers to explain harvesting methods and held them accountable to distribution responsibilities. This of course has to replica how OwnHome is operated.

So as our journey continues and we're strengthening our values, we are also ensuring we speak and act authentically, holding our ethos as our main educator and motivator. the whole way through, keep a completely transparent operation. Molly has experimented with so many different products all with the sole intention of helping out friend with various different illnesses, sores or smells.

Molly got drawn into nature by trying to escape people. She worked on a eco resort development site before having her son Ottobø, returning to that same space he and going for endless walks around the Peak District. With those walks Molly found it rude not to know more about the beautiful land she was exploring. That is where she is still situated and where OwnHome's development started.

With 300 acres of open land and

boasting a diverse ecology,

situated right next to the Peak District.

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